Nothing Like Blogger Love

A BIG blogger thank you to Claire over at Art and Soul ( for nominating my blog for the Starlight Blogger Award! Isn’t she sweet? Well, so are her posts, so be sure to stop on by when you have the chance. She blogs about baking, writing, books and more. I’m still daydreaming/mind-drooling about her last baking adventure.

The thing I love most about the blogosphere…no, wait. I’ll leave that for the Q&A below. ;) Needless to say, bloggers are generous of spirit. Engaging with them and their posts enriches my day.

The award was created by Carolina at Yesterday After to celebrate the bloggers who inspired her “through their beautiful and original content, imagery, art, abilities, and wonderful personalities.” 

Can you feel the blog love?

Thanks again, Claire. I’m honoured!

Before I pass the blog appreciation along, here are my answers to Claire’s questions:

  1. Where do you get your ideas for your blog from? I blog about baking and writerly things. While writing is my greatest preoccupation, baking gets me away from my desk, helps me unwind, and there’s the benefit of a food reward too! When it comes to the writing posts, I’m usually inspired by my latest WIP or what I’m reading. Baking inspiration often comes from the time of year, celebrations, or simply following a craving.
  2. What’s the best thing about blogging? The people! I love engaging with creative people and enjoying what they share with the world. I’ve always been impressed by how open and lovely bloggers are with one another. There’s a lot of reciprocity, more so than any other type of social media I’ve used. Blogging is a great way to stay inspired, share and connect.
  3. If you won 1000 pounds/dollars and you had to spend the money on something nice for yourself (no using it to pay the mortgage or bills), what would you buy? I would buy myself a one-way ticket to Costa Rica and hopefully have enough left to rent a cabana along the Caribbean coast. I’ve always wanted to run away and teach yoga there. Who wants to join me? ;)

Now for my nominees:

-Kendra Ayers at My Journey in Creative Writing:

-Sherrill Wark at Transplanted Heads:

-Elaine at Foodbod:

-Samantha Stroh Bailey at:

-Tracie Banister at:

-Lindy Mechefske at Love in the Kitchen:

My questions for you are:

1) What motivated you to start blogging?

2) What has surprised you the most about blogging/bloggers?

3) If you didn’t blog about your chosen topic(s), what would you blog about?

Hope you have as much fun participating in this as I did!

The rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 3 questions they’ve asked you.
  • Pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers and let them know you have nominated them.
  • Give your nominees three new questions to answer.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog, please never alter the logo or rules.

12 thoughts on “Nothing Like Blogger Love

Add yours

  1. I’m so glad you could do this! I think you will have more than a few volunteers to come with you to Costa Rica. I’ve never been (well, our plane stopped in the airport on the way back from Guatemala, but I don’t think that counts), but I’ve been told it’s beautiful.
    I’m off to check out the blogs you’ve nominated…

    1. My pleasure! Thank you for your lovely blog. The community is such a wonderful surprise, I totally agree! :)

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